About Us

Hendon constituency can be found in North-West London and is within the borough of Barnet.  It is a traditional suburb, home to a growing number of ethnic communities, including a large Jewish community.

Hendon Conservatives, alongside Matthew Offord, campaign on a number of issues including calling on the Government to defend the traditional suburbs, putting more police on the street, conserve the Green Belt and our local environment, improving our local hospitals and schools, and demanding more reliable public transport.

Hendon Conservatives have fifteen Barnet Conservative Councillors, representing Edgware, Hale, Hendon, Mill Hill and West Hendon 

Hendon Conservatives also hold a number of social events throughout the year.

The officers of the Hendon Conservative Association are responsible for the day to day management of the Association and are elected annually by members.

To contact a member of the officer team, please email us on: chairman@hendonconservatives.org or call us on: 020 8445 4292