Zac Goldsmith and the PM come to Hendon!

On Tuesday the 2th of January 2016 the Prime Minister and Zac Goldsmith came to Hartley Hall in Hendon and held the official launch of the BackZac Campaign!


Conservative activists assembled with gusto to see the Prime Minister endorse Zac as the next Mayor of London and to hear from Zac himself about his plans for the future of the greatest city of Earth. It was a great event and we were very pleased to be chosen as the launch site for the campaign given that we have provided critical support in Hendon at both the General Election last year, the local elections in 2014 and both of Boris Johnson's Mayoral runs - on that basis alone you could even say that were a mandatory starting point for any future Mayor of London to visit!

The Prime Minister spoke about the choice which will face all Londoners on May the 5th. Whether they wake up as citizens of the greatest city on Earth or as subjects for Corbyn's Labour to trial their backwards facing policies that will leave the city and the country worse off in the long run. He then went out to spell out exactly why Zac is the man we need citing his staunch record as an individual as opposed to a party robot and his determination to always represent his constituents. More over he spoke about how Zac will be able to work with central Government to ensure Londoners will get the best deal from central Government.


Zac himself then spoke at length about his plans and why they are so important to the future of the city. He told us all about how he plans to double the number of new homes being built, he explained to us about his success at having the tube classified as an essential service and he told us how important it is that we fix the air pollution issues in London to improve public health for everybody! 


It was a great evening and we all look forward to May the 6th when we can wake up to a still True Blue London with Zac as Mayor.