A victory for common sense

Our issue with locating another school on The Fairway has always been concerned with traffic. The traffic situation in The Fairway and surrounding roads is not great at the moment, especially around school start and finish times. But it is manageable.

Update on Scratchwood Open Space

Scratchwood Open Space for those of you who are unaware, is located on the left as you travel north towards Stirling Corner.It is a wonderful area of parkland owned by the LBB and enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Fun in Grahame Park

The Grahame Park Fun Day was held last weekend, with Matthew Offord MP and Miss Nneka Akwaeze and Mrs Golnar Bokaei of the Association's Colindale Ward Team attending.

Matthew Offord MP takes residents’ Petition to House of Commons

Following the inaugural meeting of the Broadfields Estate Residents’ Association meeting in April, Hendon MP Matthew Offord has presented a Petition on the floor of the House of Commons on behalf of the residents’ group. The Association was established as a result of a proposal to relocate a through-form entry school on the estate, even though the area already has three other schools nearby.

Upcoming Events!

The Hendon Conservative Association have set up several social events for both members and supporters. Click on our 'Events' page to find out more! 

Online book of condolence for the late Lady Thatcher

If you wish to record your memories of the late Lady Thatcher or leave a message of condolence to her family, you may do so using the Conservative party’s online condolence book. It is available here: written book of condolence is in the CCHQ reception for anyone wishing to come and sign it.There is also a book of condolence in City Hall.… 

Message from the departing Chairman of Hendon Conservative Association

Hale Councillor and departing Chairman Hugh Rayner gives his thoughts on the challenges that lie ahead locally, nationally and internationally.Hugh will remain an officer at the Association, with Association Communications Officer Mrs Val Duschinsky becoming Chair of the Association.

Hendon Conservatives do their bit in Eastleigh

Activists and Officers of the Hendon Conservative Association travelling to the constituency of Eastleigh last weekend to do their bit for the campaign of Maria Hutchings, Conservative candidate for the Eastleigh by-election.