Mill Hill Ward Cllrs and Hendon MP deliver successful parking campaign!

Our local MP, Matthew Offord and our local Mill Hill Ward Councillors have been campaigning hard to get free parking on Saturdays at the Bunns Lane Car Park.

We are now pleased to report that this campaignhas been a success. Local residents can now park every Saturday for 3 hours free at the Bunns Lane Car Park.

How to get 3 hours free parking at the Bunns Lane Car Park - an easy guide:

 - Call 020 3362 2000 (if you're a 1st time user of the 'Pay by phone' system you'll need your vehicle reg. no., a credit or debit card and your location no.).

 - Follow the instructions on the call and, when requested enter any number of minutes up to 3 hours (180 minutes) as the amount of time you wish to park for.

 - Ensure that the automated system tells you that the parking will be free.

 - Confirm the number of minutes you wish to park your car for. 


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